The goal of the fair is to ensure families, educators and community members from all over the DC region, from as many ethnic, linguistic and socioeconomic backgrounds as possible, can learn more about why, how and where to raise multilingual kids.

Below you’ll find information about the fair, links, useful images, sample tweets and facebook posts, a press release and our contact info. Thank you for your help!

Translations in SPANISH, FRENCH, MANDARIN AND AMHARIC kindly provided by ACSI Translations.

WHAT: The Bilingual Education Fair of DC is the premier event in the DC region for families, educators and community members to discover multilingual education options, personalized technologies, fun language resources and how to bring bilingual education to your community.

WHERE: Thurgood Marshall Center for Service and Heritage, 1816 12th St NW, Washington, DC 20009. One block from U Street Metro on green and yellow line. ADA accessible.

WHEN: Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 1 to 5pm.

HOW MUCH: The fair is free to all participants. Free multicultural activities for children by Mullylingua and a free CD to all participants by Latin Grammy Awards winner 123 con Andres.


  • Organized by: DC Language Immersion Project
  • Presented by: Rosetta Stone Education
  • Supported by: Rochambeau: The French International School of DC
  • Co-sponsored by: Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, Mayor’s Office on African Affairs, Mayor’s Office on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, Office of the State Superintendent on Education, DC Public Schools, DC Public Charter School Board, and DC State Board of Education
  • Exhibitors: over 40 exhibitors including dual language programs, language and culture organizations, bilingual publishers, app developers, after school programs, daycare operators, and tutors.

FOR WHOM: The fair is open to all, including families from every ethnolinguistic background including English native speakers, educators and administrators from across the DC region who wish to increase access to linguistic and cultural competence. Informational materials in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French and Amharic will be available to participants.

GROWNUPS PROGRAM: From 2 to 4pm, our panel will discuss “Why, How and Where to Raise Bilingual Kids in the DC Region” during a multilingual conversation with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish. Panelist include Former US Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. (virtually), Yessica Palomino, parent at Bruce Monroe DCPS, Yuqi Wang, PK3 Lead Chinese Teacher at Washington Yu Ying PCS, Isabella Ramos-Bracho, 9th grader at DC International School PCS in the French program.

CHILDREN PROGRAM: Feel free to drop off your child while you visit with our exhibitors or enjoy with your child one of the many fun activities in Spanish, French, Arabic, Amharic and other languages brought to you by our wonderful partner Mullylingua. Space limited to 25 participants on a first come first serve basis. Refer to for details.

EDUCATORS PROGRAM: As part of the 2018 Bilingual Education Fair of DC, DC Immersion will be offering a free professional development session for teachers, staff and administrators both in existing dual language programs and in non dual language programs, who are interested in learning more about the state and value of dual language programs in the DC area. Register at: A classroom concert in Spanish kindly donated by 123 Andrés will be raffled among all participants!

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Sample Tweets and Facebook posts

Here are some sample tweets and Facebook posts to share with your networks. Please be sure to follow @DCImmersion on Twitter and like us on Facebook for additional event updates. We will use #BillingualFair on the day of the event for social engagement. Thank you for helping us promote the 2018 Bilingual Fair of DC.


  • Join @DCImmersion for their 2nd annual Bilingual Education Fair and discover how to bring bilingual education to your family, school or community. More info:
  • We’re excited to partner with @dcimmersion to bring more multilingual education options to the DC region. Join us on Sat 1/20 1-5pm. Register here
  • Hear from educators, exhibitors, and fellow parent why, how, and where to foster multilingualism in your kids! Join our partner @DCImmersion on Jan 20th for the 2nd annual Bilingual Education Fair of DC.
  • Cabin fever? Bring your kids to the Bilingual Education Fair of DC for free fun multicultural activities while you visit us and over 40 other exhibitors this Saturday 1/20 1-5pm.

Facebook posts:

  • Did you know the demand for bilingual employees doubled over the last five years? Join us and our partner DC Language Immersion Project for the second Bilingual Education Fair of DC on Saturday January 20th from 1 to 5pm. Let’s make multilingualism one of the DC area’s greatest assets! More info here:
  • Join our partner DC Language Immersion Project for the 2nd annual Bilingual Education Fair of DC. With over 40 exhibitors and a multilingual program for children and grownups, this premier event is sure to provide tools for families and educators across DC, Maryland, and Virginia to foster multilingual education in their communities. More info here:
  • Our friends at DC Language Immersion Project invite you to the 2nd annual Bilingual Education Fair. Come learn from teachers, exhibitors, and fellow parents why, how and where to foster bilingualism in your kids. Bring your children to enjoy multicultural activities in  Spanish, French, Amharic, Mandarin and more! All participants will receive a free CD with songs in Spanish and English from Latin Grammy award winner 123 Andrés. Register here:

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